Son of Late Abdullai Maikano Murdered
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Prang – The Tijjaniya Muslim community in Ghana has been thrown into a state of mourning following the death of Ali Ahmed Maikano, son of the late renowned Tijjaniya cleric, Sheikh Abdullahi Maikano Jallo.

The body of Ali Ahmed who is also known as Kalamul Faida Jallo was found this dawn at a village called Number One near Parang.

The scholar who is a resident of Pantang, a suburb of Accra had moved to be with family for tilawat (quranic recitation) and had opted to spend some days in his hometown as he was not feeling well.

Contrary to media reports of the cleric being shot in a robbery operation, sources close to the Jallo family disclosed that the cleric was trailed and shot by assailants when he left his family residence at around 10 pm to seek medical treatment at Number One.

A manhunt has been since mounted by the police to apprehend the perpetrators of the crime.

Ali Ahmed who is described by many as a peacemaker, a unifier and a mediator will be buried after Asr (Late afternoon) prayer at his hometown.

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