Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah cancels National Dawah event due to “leadership challenges.”
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Accra: The highest decision-making body of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah (ASWAJ) Ghana, the National Dawah Council (NADAC), says it seeks to resolve ongoing “leadership challenges” before it can hold the 22nd National Dawah.

It has therefore decided to indefinitely postpone the event, which was scheduled to take place in Accra on November 24 and 25 of this year.

“Our paramount concern is to address and resolve these challenges, ensuring the restoration of harmony and unity within the organisation before organising significant national events.

We place utmost importance on conducting events in an atmosphere that aligns with the values and unity upheld by ASWAJ,” the Council said in a public notice.

The power struggle among the leadership of ASWAJ made its way to the fore via social media over the past two weeks when an announcement was made of the return of the dismissed Sheikh Munir Tawfiq, who was the First Deputy Imam of ASWAJ as of 2017.

The Chief Imam of ASWAJ, Hajj Umar Ibrahim, suggested in the circulated video that the former Imam would occupy his former position pending consultations with Imams of the Muslim group.

The pronouncement of the Imam, however, was not well received by some quarters of the group because the former Second Deputy Imam, Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, had been elected in January 2022 to the position of First National Deputy Imam, with Sheikh Aminu Osman as the Second Deputy.

They were duly elected by NADAC at Kpong in the Eastern Region in line with Article 7(c) of the ASWAJ Constitution.

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Following the announcement of the return of the former First Deputy, the National Imam of ASWAJ issued a letter of reinstatement dated November 4, 2023, to Sheikh Munir, claiming that he had been reinstated to his former position with effect November 5, 2023.

In a letter dated November 8, 2023, NADAC wrote to the National Imam, challenging the decision to set aside the decision of NADAC and rejecting the candidature of Sheikh Kamil.

NADAC also wrote to Sheikh Munir to officially inform him of his inability to occupy the position that is currently occupied.

In a media interview last Thursday, the National Imam confirmed he had on three occasions rejected the leadership of Sheikh Kamil as the First Deputy for certain reasons.

According to sources, the National Imam had rejected the candidature of Sheikh Kamil based on an allegation of fund mismanagement, which members of NADAC say is unfounded and false.

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