Da’wah is not working – Imam Abdul Karim
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Accra – The Deputy Imam of the Cantonment Police Mosque, Imam Abass Abdul Karim has underscored the need for more attention to be paid to the packaging and marketing of da’wah (Islamic preaching) programmes.

Sharing his experience as an orator, he lamented that the art of da’wah which had seen less innovation over the years had brought less success to the religion of Islam in Ghana.

“Sometimes I ask myself. I started leading prayers and delivering khutba as a student, and as a teacher and now I am ageing because the grey hair has started coming. But I must confess the da’wah is not working” he said.

Imam Abdul Karim was speaking at the Youth Dawah Project held in Accra and organised by the Islamic Ummah of Ghana, a Faith Based Organisation.

Speaking on religious tolerance, he said Muslims especially women have been covertly suppressed in a country that was known for its mantra of peaceful coexistence and tolerance among religious factions.

This, he said, has manifested in the denial of Muslim’s rights to practice their faith by authorities who are usually non-muslims.

“The government says to do this, and public officers say don’t do it…our sisters are suffering. GMSA has also been fighting but then our younger ones are forced to attend church service in the name of social gathering” he added.

He also mentioned the sardonic situation where Muslim youth who pay less attention to their religion have become die-hard fans of musicians who promote vulgarity and violence in the country.

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