Ecobank Apologises to Muslim Lady Over “Bomb” Remarks
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Accra – Ecobank Ghana Limited has rendered an apology to a Muslim lady who was victimised over her hijab at the bank’s Head Office in Accra yesterday.

The statement which was posted on Facebook, read, “Hi Halima, we sincerely apologise for the action of the security man. As our representative discussed with you yesterday, this in no way is reflective of the Ecobank Values.”

The statement went ahead to say that, management would take up the issue and a bank representative would contact her.

The said incident had occurred on Wednesday, March 8 2018. A day which coincided with the International Women’s Day.

According to the victim’s narration on her social media handle, Halima Nuru Gambo had visited the head Office of Ecobank Ghana Limited to open an account.

As she moved towards the staircase of the bank which led to the Accounts Section of the bank, a security man approached her asking how he could help her.

“How can I help you, this your dressing looks like that of some Iraqi people, maybe you have a Bomb on you” he said.

The offended lady registered her displeasure over the security man’s statement to him. He however was unapologetic as she went ahead to lodge a complaint and left the bank.

“We won’t open the account with them again. We need a bank that respect us for who we are. I wonder when some people will look beyond our hijab and judge us as individual women. Happy International Women’s Day to all my Hijabiis out there” she wrote further.

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The incident has led several others who had suffered similar ordeal to share their experiences over various forms of discrimination against them at various public places.

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