Muslim scholars mourn death of Mufti Yaks
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Abuja, Nigeria: Muslims in Nigeria were thrown into a state of shock following the death of the Niger State born Muslim cleric, Abdul Lateef Aliyu Maitaki, popularly known as Mufti Yaks.

The 20-year-old cleric was reported to have died in Abuja on Friday at the National Hospital after a brief illness. 

His Janaza was held at Justice Maiyaki’s residence, Dutsen Kura Gwari, in Minna, Niger State, on Saturday.

Aside from being an insightful orator, Mufti Yaks was well known for his mannerisms, which were similar to those of renowned scholar Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe.

Mufti Menk took to his Facebook handle to mourn the passing of the young scholar.

He said, “I’m saddened by the news of the death of the young Abdul Latif Miyaki Mufti Yaks this morning. He was a very talented young man, trying to spread goodness. 

He added, “May Allah Almighty forgive him, accept his good deeds, and grant him the highest ranks of  paradise. Aameen,” he said.

Dr. Muhammad Salah, a US-based Muslim scholar, also wrote, “This beautiful young man was very wise for his age and used his youth to spread the message of Islam and motivate others with his great wisdom and inspirational posts.”

“May Allah grant him al-Firdous and forgive all his sins.”

Back in Nigeria, Professor Isa Ali Pantami, a scholar and former Minister of Communications, expressed his sadness by saying, “I just heard that our beloved son, Abdullateef Aliyu Maitaki, popularly known as Mufti Yaks, passed away. What a great loss!”.

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