National Chief Imam bans political activities at Maulid Celebration
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Accra: Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam, has expressed worry and called for an end to attempts by political elements to convert the annual Maulid celebration into political campaign grounds.

He said the platform should not be used as an avenue to incur the displeasure of Allah through needless debates and arguments that would weaken the Muslim community.

The National Chief Imam expressed his concern through his spokesperson, Sheikh Armeyaw Shuaib, at a press briefing in Accra.

He urged Muslims to use the Maulid celebration as a platform to promote cohesion and love, not disunity and disharmony.

Moreover, the occasion, he said, should be used to showcase the ideal and exemplary qualities of the noble prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

“As you all know, Muslims believe that the prophet is Allah’s gift of divine mercy to the entirety of the world; more importantly, he is acknowledged as the bearer of Allah’s final testament meant to guide humanity till the end of time,” he said.

Based on the recent developments, the Imam and the organising committee have put in place measures to prevent the participants from converting the event into a political campaign ground.

These measures include the prohibition of political innuendos or provocative remarks likely to attract an unpleasant response from political opponents, noises from political party grassroot supporters, the display of party paraphernalia or wearing party-branded attire, and booing at important guests of the National Chief Imam.

“The chief imam has respectfully invited very important guests, and it will be an affront and abuse to his dignity to disregard his guests,” Sheikh Shuaib said.

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He noted that interference or behind-the-scenes suggestions intended to influence the conduct of the programme would not be tolerated, while remarks to be made at the event would be restricted to the theme of the celebration.

He also indicated that the overcrowding of inner parameters would not be allowed, and the introduction of guest speakers would remain the prerogative of the Master of Ceremony.

“As part of the principle, the former president will be accorded all his courtesies as the former president, but upon entry into the arena, he will drive straight to his sitting place without moving around to receive cheers.

But the sitting president, when he arrives, will have the privilege to move around and receive greetings,” he said.

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