Saudi Arabia issues mosque directives and instructions for Ramadan 2024
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Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance, has issued a set of instructions and directives as it prepares mosques for the blessed month of Ramadan.

The regulations and instructions for mosque employees in all regions of the country are geared towards creating an enabling environment for Muslim worshippers and achieving the ministry’s mission and general goals, the ministry noted in a statement.

Some directives include the ban on the use of a camera or any other gadget to photograph worshippers or carry out a social media broadcast of prayer sessions, and the prohibition of imams and muezzins from collecting financial donations for iftar projects.

The ministry has also prohibited the holding of iftar (breakfast) inside the mosque, citing issues of cleanliness.

It, however, allows for the courtyards of the mosques to be used without creating any temporary rooms, tents, or the like for this purpose.

“It is the responsibility of the imam and the muezzin, with the obligation of the one who breaks the fast to clean the place immediately after finishing the breakfast,” the statement read.

Employees of the mosques, imams, and muezzins have also been tasked with punctuality, strict adherence to the call to prayer, and preventing beggars from begging in mosques and outdoor squares surrounding them.

The statement added, “The ministry called on the imams of mosques to take into account people’s conditions during the Tarawih prayer and to finish the Tahajjud prayer in the last ten days of Ramadan sufficiently before the dawn call to prayer.”

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The Ministry has also tasked the imams of mosques with the responsibility of granting permission for itikaf (seclusion) and gathering data on worshippers taking part in it.

The Ministry stressed the need for mosque servants and facility management companies to ensure the cleanliness of the mosque and women’s prayer rooms and to work on preparing them for Ramadan.

It also urged mosque observers to intensify their field trips to ensure compliance with directives and instructions while following up on the work of cleaning and maintenance companies.

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