Wesley Girls PTA endorses no fasting policy
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Accra – The Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) of Wesley Girls Senior High School (SHS) says it is satisfied with the school’s no-fasting policy.

The policy, the association said was solely based on health reasons and non-discriminatory as it affected all students belonging to different religious groupings.

The association has therefore called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) to revise its directive that compelled school authorities to allow students to fast while in school.

It indicated that such a directive would lead to a situation where “schools would be inundated with requests by parents and students on their individual religious preferences and practices”.

“The School should not be forced to compromise its rules and regulations to accommodate students’ individual preferences which border on religion. This is unsustainable” the PTA said in a statement released on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

“We have been informed about past experiences of students who nearly died under such circumstances. We are therefore uncomfortable with any directive that could compromise the health of our daughters whom we have entrusted to the school”.

It further noted that parents were made aware of the school rules and policies before appending their signatures to the school undertaking which was issued during the orientation.

“The undertaking was clear, among other things about the fact that the School is a Methodist School and that students will have to abide by the School’s rules and policies Importantly the school’s no fasting rule is non-discriminatory, affecting students of all faiths in the school,” the association noted.

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The rigorous enforcement of school rules and regulations, the PTA observed, had been the catalyst for making Wesley Girls the most sought-after School in Ghana.

The PTA has therefore pledged its unwavering support to help the school administrators nurture students in an environment of discipline for excellence.

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