Zakat Fund raises GH₵1.17 million in 2022
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Accra: The Zakat and Sadaqa Trust Fund of Ghana has raised a total income of about GH₵1.17 million in the year 2022.

This represented a 33.5 percent increase from an amount of GH₵775,365 raised in 2021.

A breakdown of the total amount, which was captured in the organisation’s annual report and financial statement, showed that an amount of GH₵510,621 representing 43.8 percent of total income was raised through zakat payment.

Meanwhile, an amount of GH₵643,654 representing 55.2 percent of the total amount was raised through sadaqa payments, while GH₵11,400 representing 0.98 percent was raised through other income sources.

Of the total amount raised, GH₵909,733 was expended through charitable disbursement of GH₵545,959, staff costs of GH₵161,763, and general and administrative expenses of GH₵202,011.

The total amount expended represents a 14.7 percent increase from the previous year’s expenditure of GH₵776,281.

At the end of the year under review, the Zakat and Sadaqa Trust Fund had an income surplus of GH₵255,942.

According to the document, the Ghana Police Service was the largest Zakat contributor to the fund, contributing GH₵291,375, which is more than 50 percent of the Zakat payment.

This was followed by the Controller and Account General Department with GH₵94,932, the Office of Parliament with GH₵69,582, and the Ghana Armed Forces with GH₵29,352.

In terms of Sadaqa payment, the fund received GH₵148,924 from interpay contributions, GH₵271,765.00 through fund-raising and donations, GH₵11,631.40 from mobile money contributions, GH₵115,000 from Ramadan project revenue, a cash deposit of GH₵34,153, and GH₵62,181 from standing orders.

An amount of GH₵11,400 was refunded to the fund as returned scholarships.

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